Jewellery Care

There are a few simple steps you can follow to keep your jewellery looking its best.

Most silver jewellery is made using sterling silver rather than fine silver, this is because fine silver is very soft, and the jewellery would not be very durable.

Sterling silver is an alloy made with 92.5 % silver and 7.5 % copper, over time copper reacts with sulphur found in the air, and this naturally causes the item to tarnish. Fortunately it's easy enough to clean your pieces up and get them looking perfect again.

For any item of jewellery it's advisable to stick to the following rules:

• Avoid exposure to household chemicals, perfume, hairspray and cosmetics.
• Remove jewellery before showering
• Do not use silver dip on items with stones, pearls or oxidisation as it is known to remove colour from certain types of porous stones, and if your jewellery has an oxidised finish the dip will remove the patina.

• To minimise scratching it is advisable to store your items of jewellery so that they do not touch and scratch each other.
Cleaning Silver Jewellery

To clean sterling silver polished items I would recommend a silver cleaning cloth. If your piece has a reticulated or matt finish I would recommend using a soft brush and some mild soap and water.

Cleaning Oxidised Jewellery

An oxidised finish is created using a chemical treatment, it is not a permanent finish and over time can wear off. This can give the piece its own character, raised areas tend to wear away leaving recessed areas highlighted by the oxidisation. Items such as brooches are likely to retain their patina for a long time if cared for well and stored separately from other items to prevent scratching, and in the short term you can bring up the colour by gently rubbing the piece with a beeswax polish and lint free cloth. If you prefer the darker finish I am always happy to re oxidise pieces for free, postage charges would be applicable.